Welcome To Advantage Sintered Metals, Inc.

ASM World HeadquartersAdvantage Sintered Metals Incorporated (ASMI) was founded in 1990 in Battle Creek, Michigan. Since its founding, ASMI has grown steadily to the current 65,000 sq. ft. facility. The ASMI Group consists of Advantage Sintered Metals Incorporated and Advantage Metal Products. Find out more on our About Us Page. The ASMI group was acquired by Merit Capital Partners in January of 2015, along with Contact Technologies Incorporated located in St. Mary's, Pennsylvania. Visit Contact Technologies Incorporated's website.

ASMI is committed to providing its customers with cost effective products that meet or exceed their expectations. Our mission is to be your complete international sourcing partner by offering dedicated, timely and personalized service at a competitive rate.

Complete Part Production, Machining And Assembly

Recognized Green TechnologyAdvantage Sintered Metals Incorporated offers many secondary operations that can meet the most stringent part requirements. Operations like CNC-machining, precision turning, drilling and tapping are available. Parts can also be modified with processes including resin or oil impregnation, heat treatment, plating, steam treatment and brazing. Visit our Capabilities Page for more info. The powdered metal process is a recognized green technology!