Incorporation Processes

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Resin ImpregnationResin Impregnation
Resin impregnation is used to provide lubrication or to seal porosity:

  • Develops pressure tightness
  • Permits use of processing solutions that otherwise would be trapped in pores
  • Improves machinability

Oil Impregnation

Oil In Air OutOil Impregnation

Oil impregnation involves soaking parts in heated oil or using a vacuum process. Conventional powdered metal bearings can absorb oil from 10 to 30 percent by volume.

Heat Treatment

PlatingHeat Treatment
Heat treatment generally involves heating the powdered metal part to a temperature where the material is austenitic, followed by controlled cooling to achieve a desired microstructure.


All types of plating in general use including copper, nickel, chromium, cadmium, and zinc may be applied to powdered metal parts.

Steam Treatment

Steam treating forms an oxide coating (Fe3O4) on the part. It is used to improve the wear properties of ferrous powdered metal parts and to increase their corrosion resistance. The process closes some of the interconnected porosity and ALL surface porosity.

Brazing Powdered Metal Parts
Powdered metal parts are often joined by furnace brazing. Brazing allows parts fabricators to use existing equipment to join powdered metal parts to one another or to wrought or cast materials.

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